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New Partnership with Miss 604

The Jessies is pleased to announce a new promotional partnership that has arisen with Miss604.com. The first Thursday of every month, Miss604 will feature a list of productions that are registered for the Jessie Awards (#TheatreThursdays). We are pleased to have this opportunity to promote eligible shows and further our mandate of educating the public about professional theatre in Vancouver.

The listing will be based on our list of registered productions. Due to publishing deadlines for Miss604′s posting, we must submit listings in advance. We encourage all member companies to register their productions before the end of the month prior to their production, to ensure inclusion in the post. No further action is required from companies to be a part of the listing.

This is an ongoing, indefinite partnership between the Jessie Awards and Miss604, the “Official Blogger” of the Awards.

Read our previous posts, including our posting for a Producer/Director for the 2015 Awards Show.