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How to be a member of a Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards Jury

JURYLove theatre? Want to be part of choosing which shows win Awards? You may be eligible to be a Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards Jury member! First things first, fill in this application.

In order to be considered, candidates for the Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards Juries must agree to:
  • have their name submitted to the Jury Selection Committee for consideration
  • have their name submitted to the JRTAS Board of Directors for approval
  • aim to attend 100% of productions registered in their division
  • attend all 3-4 jury meetings throughout the year
  • adhere to all Jessie policies regarding confidentiality, conflict of interest and voting
  • maintain regular communication with their Jury Chair regarding attendance
  • keep diligent notes on all eligible productions attended
  • travel to surrounding communities (Richmond, North Vancouver, etc) as necessary
Jessie Jurors receive:
  • 2 tickets to every eligible production that is registered in their division
  • 1 ticket to the Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards at the end of the year
For reference:
  • The Large Theatre jury attends 30-45 productions each season
  • The Small Theatre jury attends 45-60 productions each season
  • The Reading jury reads ~20 scripts each season
  • The Theatre for Young Audiences jury attends ~12 productions each season
Note: The JRTAS board is currently exploring changes to the category structure.

Apply here to be a Jury Member!