Definition of Professional

The Jessies’ eligibility criteria has historically been fluid, requiring revisions year over year as we respond to the changing ecology in Vancouver. These changes represent an effort to find a version of the eligibility guidelines that we can stand behind for a number of years.

1. At least 60% of all artists must be receiving a weekly wage of at least $350 for each week they are working on the production. Producers engaging under contracts other than the CTA or ITA must submit a full artist list indicating which artists are receiving the minimum weekly wage. Only the artists receiving the minimum weekly wage will be eligible.

2. All artists must be receiving a share of net box office profits in a production where 60% of the following roles are filled by full members of CAEA/ACTRA/UdA:



Stage Managers

Assistant Stage Managers


Fight Directors

Producers must submit a full artist list indicating which artists are full members of CAEA/ACTRA/UdA. In productions meeting this criteria, all artists are eligible.