Production Registration 2017-2018

Shows produced by companies with operating budgets of up to $300,000 will pay $50 +GST for each show they register in the season. Shows produced by companies with budgets of over $300,000 will pay $100 +GST for each show they register in the season. Productions must be registered at least 30 days prior to the first public performance.


  1. Fill out the on-line form below. All fields are required. Print two copies before you click on the SUBMIT button.
  2. When we have reviewed your submitted show information, we will confirm your eligibility by emailing to you the appropriate jury list along with your invoice. IT IS THEN THE PRODUCER’S RESPONSIBILITY TO INVITE JURY MEMBERS TO SEE THE PRODUCTION VIA THE JURY CHAIR.
  3. Upon receipt of your invoice, mail one copy of this form, along with the registration fee, to:
    Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards Society
    249 – 3381 Cambie Street, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4R3
    Keep the second copy for your records. Please write the title of your production on your cheque.

Jessies-eligible productions must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. COMPANIES: at least 51% of the applicable roles (see below) must be receiving a weekly wage of at least $375 for each week they are working on the production.
  2. COLLECTIVE: all artists must be receiving a share of net box office profits in a production where at least 51% of the applicable roles (see below) are filled by full members of CAEA/ACTRA/UdA.

Stage Managers
Assistant Stage Managers
Fight Directors

In productions meeting this criteria, all artists are eligible. Productions working under a different model or form of contract may contact the JRC to request consideration.

Members of a children’s chorus, as defined by the Canadian Theatre Agreement (definition below), do not factor into the Jessies’ 51% eligibility quota. CTA Definition: A “Children’s Chorus” is a group of six (6) or more children in a non-musical production or ten (10) or more children in a musical production, who appear as part of an ensemble, whose part is essentially that of a member of such group or ensemble, and is in no way individual in its character and/or necessary to the continuity of the plot. Children in such a group may speak a few lines, sing or do a dance routine.

*** Scripts of Jessie-eligible productions that meet the criteria of the SRP are automatically considered for this prize. Scripts of productions that are not Jessie-eligible, but meet all other criteria of the SRP may be submitted to for consideration.

Please Note:

  • The Jessies Review Committee is responsible for final determinations as to eligibility of productions, appropriate categories, and eligibility of elements of remounts

The Jessies is pleased to announce a new promotional partnership that has arisen with The first Thursday of every month, Miss604 will feature a list of productions that are registered for the Jessie Awards (#TheatreThursdays). We are pleased to have this opportunity to promote eligible shows and further our mandate of educating the public about professional theatre in Vancouver.

The listing will be based on our list of registered productions. Due to publishing deadlines for Miss604’s posting, we must submit listings in advance. No further action is required from companies to be a part of the listing.

This is an ongoing, indefinite partnership between the Jessie Awards and Miss604, the “Official Blogger” of the awards.