Special Awards

Nominations are now OPEN for the John Moffat and Larry Lillo Award, The Colin Campbell Award, The Representation and Inclusion Award and The Mary Phillips Award.


The Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards offers several special awards geared towards otherwise unrecognized areas of the industry.

Special awards accepting nominations from the public are the John Moffat and Larry Lillo Prize, The Colin Campbell Award for Excellence in Technical Theatre, The Representation and Inclusion Award and  The Mary Phillips Award.

Special awards selected by committee are the Patron of the Arts Award, GVPTA Career Achievement Award, Sam Payne Award for Most Promising Newcomer, Sydney Risk Prize for Outstanding Original Script by an Emerging Playwright***, and The Ray Michael Prize for Most Promising New Director.

*** Scripts of Jessie-eligible productions that meet the criteria of the SRP are automatically considered for this prize. Scripts of productions that are not Jessie-eligible, but meet all other criteria of the SRP may be submitted to jrc@jessies.ca for consideration.