John Moffat and Larry Lillo Award


THE JOHN MOFFAT & LARRY LILLO AWARD is an annual Award, intended to assist mature West Coast theatre artists to further their artistic development, and will take the form of a $2000 dollar cash award. Applications will be considered for projects, courses or to fulfill your heart’s desire.

Criteria For Application:

  • Must be a West Coast resident, or be able to demonstrate a body of work on or related to the West Coast.
  • Must have a minimum of 10 years professional theatre experience. Applicable experience includes but is not limited to the areas of performance, directing, technical, design or stage management.

Applications Must Contain:

  • A project proposal. (A letter describing what you would like to do is fine.)
  • A resume.
  • 2 References. (Names & phone numbers are sufficient; letters are not required.)

Deadline For Application: Annually, on May 16th.

  • Late applications will not be accepted.
  • Retroactive funding is not available. The Award will not consider projects which have been completed.

Address For Application:

Email to: For further information or to make a donation to the Award, please contact Dawn Brennan, 604-255-6448.