Top 4 Typical Legal Issues That May Make You Need Consultation With a Business Lawyer

Top 4 Typical Legal Issues That May Make You Need Consultation With a Business Lawyer

1. Business Structure Creation and Definition

It will help if you define the structure of your business. The business structure establishes the basis of any future work-related policies, rules, and regulations. It also describes relations among staff, personal liability whenever there is a lawsuit, and it may affect taxation. You can consult your lawyer to know whether you should register your business as a partnership, a limited liability company, or a sole proprietorship.

2. Legal Issues on Staff Matters

Are you hiring independent contractors, part-time or full-time employees? What are the terms and conditions? Canadian laws and regulations on employment change sometimes, and your business should update its employment policies to meet the set legal standards. For instance, when creating a binding employment contract with an employee, it’s prudent to define employment status.

Your business lawyer can help your company draft a binding employment contract setting provisions such as minimum wage levels, worker entitlements, and job details. A lawyer can also help your business create work regulations, rules, and policies that define legal work-related matters such as information sharing, employee discrimination, use of electronic devices, hiring of immigrants, and employment termination. There is information on the Hoffer Adler website that you may find useful.

3. Intellectual Property Protection

Your business needs to earn some income from its copyrights, trademarks, and patents. The protection of such business creations needs to get understood and filed with relevant controlling agencies that safeguard intellectual property. Infringement of patents and other IP-related matters may need to get addressed in a court of law, and you’ll need a licensed and qualified business lawyer.

4. Legal Issues Related to Outsourcing

Is your business planning to outsource some of your core or non-core operations to another state or country? If so, it’s prudent to seek a business lawyer that will provide assistance that will help your staff to understand legal procedures, policies, and contracts that are in place in the new jurisdictional area.

The modern business world is dynamic, and your business needs to anticipate legal issues that may require a business lawyer’s services. As such, it’s imperative to seek legal advice and prepare enough documentation that can help your business to avoid expensive lawsuits from the highlighted legal areas.

Jessie S